Walt Disney Productions; Roy. D. Disney.  One Dollar WALT DISNEY WORLD Recreation Coupon, Series 1971 A.  Lake Buena Vista, Florida: Walt Disney World,  1971.

This One Dollar Recreation Coupon has the face of Mickey Mouse, a serial number and bears the facsimile signature of Roy E. Disney on the front. The reverse has images of a steamboat and of the castle inside the Magic Kingdom.  7" x 3"; No wear of note.  Near Fine Condition.

Walt Disney World opened in 1971. Guests at the Contemporary Resort were given a bonus of Recreation Coupons. These were not redeemable for cash, nor were they valid inside the Magic Kingdom. The monorail was free and there was little that these could be used for at the time. These coupons were the predecessor to the Disney Dollar of today. First issue of the first currency issued by Disney.

First issue of the first Disney Currency - WDW Recreation Coupon Series 1971 A

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