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Brown, Jerry [Edmund Gerald Brown Jr., 1938 - ].  [Bumper Sticker] It's Time to Call On JERRY BROWN for President 1-800-426-1112.  [1992?].


Bumper sticker advertising the toll-free number to call for information about candidate Jerry Brown. He was attempting a grassroots campaign for the Democratic Party Nomination against Bill Clinton.  9-1/2" x 3-1/4". Faint staining.  Very Good condition


Toll-free numbers were first used in 1967. They were initially quite expensive but became much more popular with the breakup of AT&T and the ability of many companies to offer competitive services. This number was the advertising cornerstone of Brown's largely grassroots 1992 campaign; pictures can still be found of him promoting this number. In 2013, an intrepid reporter from the San Francisco Chronicle actually called the number, found it still in service, left a message and actually got a response. ( At this writing, the number has been reassigned (8/2020). There were many different advertisements promoting this number, but we were unable to locate another copy of this specific item.

It's Time to Call On JERRY BROWN - Bumper Sticker - 1992 Presidential Election

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