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Kovel, Joel [1936 - 2018].  Vote for JOEL KOVEL. Putting People Before Profits. Green Party Presidential Candidate.  [2000?].


Single sheet brochure, folded into thirds having six panels. Issued to promote Kovel as candidate for the Green Party Nomination for President in the March 7 [2000] primary [in California]. Brochure offers background on why one should vote for the candidate, and his platform: "A Program to Put People Before Profits".  3-1/2" x 8-1/2". Minor wear at corners.  Very Good condition.


Kovel received 6,689 votes in the California Primary, representing just 5.6% of the Green Party votes. The rest of the votes went to California's own Ralph Nader, who went on to become the Green Party's candidate for President. (League of Women Voters / Kovel was known as a founder of eco-socialism (Wikipedia) and the  "author of more than 10 books about systemic racism, ecology and global warming and other topics" (his obituary on Democracy Now!)

Joel Kovel - Green Party candidate- 2000 Presidential Election

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