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Anon.  [Bumper Sticker] Cthulhu for President in 1996: Don't Settle for the Lesser Evil!.  Oakland, CA: Chaosium Inc.,  [1996?].


Blue, red and white bumper sticker, union bug at lower right.  11-1/4" x 3". Backing is present and soiled, about 2" of sticker was (likely) partly attached to something else at one point and is soiled beneath the backing. Visible crease lines and some unevenness seen on the front side.  Good condition.


The name Cthulhu was invented by H. P. Lovecraft in 1928 and "probably chosen to echo the word chthonic (Classical Greek "of the earth"), as apparently suggested by Lovecraft himself at the end of his 1923 tale "The Rats in the Walls" (Wikipedia). Wiki also records political use: "Cthulhu has appeared as a parody candidate in several elections, including the 2010 Polish presidential election as well as the 2012 and 2016 US presidential elections. The faux campaigns usually satirize voters who claim to vote for the "lesser evil"" ..."Another organization, Cthulhu for America, ran during the 2016 American presidential election, drawing comparisons with other satirical presidential candidates like Vermin Supreme." The offered bumper sticker predates the uses described within Wikipedia. The 2016 campaign between Clinton and Trump produced the candidate Giant Meteor as in: we would rather destroy the earth than vote for either of these candidates. Giant Meteor is making a comeback for 2020.

Cthulhu for President - Bumper Sticker - 1996 Presidential Election

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