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Hess, Fritz.  Discharge Document from the California Infantry Volunteers.  1899.

Fritz Hess was a Private of Company "C" of the Eighth Regiment of the of the California Infantry Volunteers, serving from his June 22, 1898 enrollment until this document noted his discharge at the Presidio of San Francisco on Febraury 2nd, 1899. In between those dates, he served with the others in his regiment in the Spanish-Amercan War. A one page document, partly printed, partly completed in ink on both sides. Mounted on a sheet of paper with identifying information to rear and stapled at the top and folded twice for carrying. Signed at bottom by Company Commander (a Lieutenant) and the Mustering Officer. .  It has a hole at center that has been repaired and written in with a word (Age) written over it. Staples are rusted, backing paper with some losses along folds. .  VG, NONE.  . .     $65.00

California Infantry Volunteers Discharge Document

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