Clark, [G. W.].  Clark Chart (Diagrammatic) Cause and Effect of Oral Foci of Infection, THE PROGRESS OF ILL HEALTH.  Rosenow, Billings, Hartzell, Mayo and Others.  Single page chart visually explains the relatonship between oral health and the overall health of the body. Printed on white paper in black with spot red. This copy not dated.  8" x 13"; Very Good condition.

G. W. Clark, D.D.S. was a proponent of the idea that oral health is the key to the overall health of the body. Approved and authorized by the American Academy of Applied Dental Science, The Better Dentistry Movement and offered by their Educational Section, Fort Dodge, Iowa, with a 1918 copyright (advertisement in American Physical Education Review , January, 1922 located by Internet search). Today we would term this holistic dentistry.

Clark Chart relating poor Oral Health to Overall Ill Health

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