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Richmond, T. C.; Hon. S. D. Hastngs (Introduction).  THE ISSUE OF '88, or Prohibition a Political Question.  Madison, Wis.: Nelson & North, Printers,  1888.

Pink wraps, perfect bound, frontispiece portrait of Clinton B. Fisk (Prohibition Party candidate for President in 1888), illustrated with additional portraits including Miss Frances E. Willard (President of the W.C.T.U.,) John P. St. John (1884 Prohibition Party candidate for President) and Captain J. F. Cleghorn (of the I.O.G.T.), advertisements at rear for The Wisconsin Female College, Madison Photographer A. C. Isaacs and The Wisconsin Prohibitionist (State Organ of the Prohibition Party). Stamped Second Five Thousand at top of front cover.  Very Good condition.

Government by the people is possible only when based on a pure morality and a high culture (fronf cover). The Prohibition Party would receive votes from every state in the Union, except South Carolina, 250,017 in all (Wikipedia, 1888 United States presidential election). Uncommon, not currently seen in the trade, and with but six institutional holdings located by OCLC - only in Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

THE ISSUE OF '88, or Prohibition a Political Question

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